Pure Birkdale

Purifying Anti Pollution Masque

Assist to provide a powerful purifying, cooling, soothing effect on skin, by helping absorb pollutant impurities, normalize the effects of the skin barrier function, regulate sebum and breakouts, while at the same time, replenishing hydration to leave the skin feeing revitalized and smooth.


Environ’s Anti-Pollution Charcoal Masque is formulated specifically with Japanese Charcoal made from the Ubami Oak.- called Binchō-Tan. This is a hard wood that grows in the southern Kishu area of Japan, and used for centuries as the combustive for the traditional tea ceremony, believed to help heal and purify the room to start the rituals.


  • Japanese culture use Binchō-Tan traditionally in everyday life to remove the smell of chlorine and specific tastes when cooking rice, to purify water and as a deodorisation agent.


  • regulated for sustainable forestry.


ACNACIDOL® is a unique bio-functional ingredient assists to rebalance and normalize sebum production being skin breakouts controlled and clear.


Phytofuse Renew® is potent antioxidant that offers powerful synergistic benefits. It is derived from the Resurrection Plan which is known to endure and survive almost complete desiccation from the loss of hydration.


  • assists to repair and improve the skin barrier function


  • Offers intense hydration benefits


  • enhances epidermal slip which supports thorough cleansing of the Masque off the skin.


  • SHEA BUTTER & JOJOBA ESTERSpowerful emollients included in the formulation to further boost hydration benefits


  • KAOLIN – naturally occurring clay mineral to further support absorbing properties
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