Pure Birkdale

Complete Anti Pollution Spritz

This light-weight, invisible breathable shield offers complete protection with a scientifically perfected blend
of Anti-Pollution ingredients and high potency antioxidants to help counteract the harmful effects of pollution.

An extraordinary formulation that extends much further than just a protective shield:

  • Light-weight, invisible breathable shield
  • Rebalances skin microbiome
  • Protection against blue light free radicals
  • Strengthens the skins resistance to environmental pollutants
  • Supports healthy-looking resilient skin barrier


The magic lies in the beautiful science:


POLLUSTOP® assists to form a physical skin surface barrier to help protect the skin against 3 types of pollution: atmospheric, UV and urban pollution.


ACTIBIOME® is a scientifically advanced ingredient complex that assists to rebalance the biodiversity of the skin’s microbiome.


HIGH POTENCY VITAMIN C and SPECIALISED PLANT EXTRACT assists to counteract the effects of free radicals induced by blue light.


A highly CONCENTRATED PHYTONUTRIENT PLANT EXTRACT scientifically shown to deactivate pollution’s effects and enhance the skin’s resistance.


NIACINAMIDE is a powerful antioxidant which assists to repair and protect the skin barrier from past and future damage.


This exceptional formulation offers MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED. COMPLETE PROTECTION DAY & NIGHT. It can be applied underneath and over makeup. Multiple times a day if necessary.

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  • anti ageing
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  • blemish control
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