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Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion


Environ Focus Care Radiance+ Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion contains an expertly blended combination of highly specialised ingredients that may assist in blocking tyrosinase and in reducing the transfer of melanin to keratinocytes which may result in the improved appearance of uneven skin tone and visible sun damage, leaving the skin looking brighter and more evenly toned.


  • This product contains 3 active ingredients that target the main causes of pigmentation.
  • Niacinimide helps to speed up the skins cell renewal( bringing the pigmentation to the surface so initially the pigmentation may get darker), whilst Sepiwhite and Alpha-Arbutin helps to control the amount of melanin( pigmentation) being made.
  • Used in combination with Vitamin A, SPF and the Focus care radiance range the skin will look more even, brighter and radiant.


Niacinamide, Sepiwhite- MSHTM, Alpha- Arbutin

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